Editorial writing about leadership

Lois WilleChicago Tribune"for her editorials on a variety of local issues" HyltonPottstown Mercury Pennsylvania"for his editorials about a local bond issue for the preservation of farmland and other open space in rural Pennsylvania" Maria HensonLexington Herald-Leader Kentucky"for her editorials about battered women in Kentucky, which focused statewide attention on the problem and prompted significant reforms" Bruce DoldChicago Tribune"for his series of editorials deploring the murder of a 3-year-old boy by his abusive mother and decrying the Illinois child welfare system"

Editorial writing about leadership

Leadership speaks to a ubiquitous, identifiable set of human activities that support and assist, particularly in relation to change. These philosophical and pragmatic changes also affect leadership practice and the role of leader.

Pervasive technology and notable socioeconomic restructuring have changed our society. This change has made it increasingly difficult for education to operate in insular ways; attention to changing demographics, global economies, new social mores, and new information and communication technologies is vital Keller, Change in education to accommodate broader societal change embodies new ways of thinking about access to education, economic issues, accountability, technology in the teaching-learning process, and, most importantly, leadership.

When we speak of leadership in education, we are speaking of leadership in public institutions that are designed to serve the greater good. It is not possible to provide effective leadership without an understanding of the purpose of education and its role in society.

Education is fundamentally characterized editorial writing about leadership a quest for improving the human condition. It is to overcome social and economic challenges, resolve inequities, promote societal power and prowess, and allow for individual development. According to Schofieldeducation is a place where people develop according to their unique needs and potential; one of the best means of achieving greater social equality is to allow every individual to develop to their full potential.

Leadership is required to ensure education institutions are shaped to allow for such individualization.

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How will we take strides to make things happen in education — who takes the lead, doing what? Notions of defined leadership roles and dutiful followers come to mind. In the postmodern turn of society, more complexity emerges.

Here, leadership is founded in service to a collective vision of a dynamic, responsive organization. Here, leadership is built on humility rather than hubris. How do we move these notions of postmodernity to education? For Blolandthe newly emerging society requires a university that takes advantage of the democratization and contestation of knowledge and promotes technological and cross-cultural citizenship.

What about traditional theories of leadership? According to Gronnmultiple issues in our traditional conceptualization of leadership need to be resolved: Embedded in each of these criticisms is the claim that if leadership is to retain its conceptual and practical utility, then it has to be reconstituted in a distributed, as opposed to a focused, form.

Highly trained faculty and staff in education institutions exist in an environment of self-governance. Respectful dialogue and distribution of decision-making is expected.

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There are some great examples where a social issue is raised, education is determined to be one remedy, and leadership ensues to implement the education innovation.

In this case, leadership is often seen as problem-based, solution-centered, ethical, shared and distributed, working continuously toward the greatest good for the greatest number, beyond the reproduction of the status quo toward increased equity.

The Leadership in Open and Distance Learning Notes section in IRRODL provides the opportunity to debate potential principles and premises in support of leadership in the new education, education of high quality that is accessible and socially meaningful. Current theories, research and future directions.

Annual Review of Psychology, 60, Distance education leadership for the new century. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 6 2. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 4, 21, Whatever happened to postmodernism in higher education?:Sep 15,  · Emphasize writing and editing skills, such as copy editing, grammar, establishing tone, social media, and business torosgazete.com specific skills will depend on the job listing – stress the keywords that are mentioned in the ad.; If possible, match your style and tone to the company’s products.

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Mar 01,  · The editorial board is composed of journalists with wide-ranging areas of expertise. Their primary responsibility is to write The Times’s editorials, which represent the voice of the board, its.

Assignment Prompt: Write a word (about 4 pages double-spaced) essay that critically examines the argument in an editorial on an issue related to leadership. Mar 01,  · The editorial board is composed of journalists with wide-ranging areas of expertise.

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editorial writing about leadership
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