Inspiration and inerrancy of the bible

Verbal and Plenary inspiration are two theories held by many. Verbal inspiration is more text oriented than author oriented while Plenary holds more to author oriented rather than text oriented. I hold to the belief once taught to me by Dr. In 1 Corinthians 2:

Inspiration and inerrancy of the bible

Plenary all of Scripture is inspired, not just parts of it ; Only the "Autographs" the original documents penned by the biblical authors are inspired; Because Scripture is inspired, it is inerrant; and Because Scripture is inspired and inerrant, it alone has final authority.

The word inspiration literally means "God-breathed" in the Greek. And because Scripture is breathed out by God, it is true and inerrant.

Consider the following syllogism: God is true Romans 3: God breathed out the Scriptures 2 Timothy 3: Therefore, the Scriptures are true John As illustrated above, the inerrancy of Scripture can be inferred by premises that are themselves taught by Scripture.

We read in Scripture that truth is an attribute of God Jeremiah We also are told that Scripture is "breathed out" by God 2 Timothy 3: The Word of God, then, is true John God did not permit the will of sinful man to divert, misdirect, or erroneously record His message.

God moved and the prophet mouthed these truths; God revealed and man recorded His word. Interestingly, the Greek word for "moved" in 2 Peter 1: The experienced sailors could not navigate the ship because the wind was so strong.

The ship was being driven, directed, and carried about by the wind. Indeed, many Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament are said to have the Holy Spirit as their author, even though a human prophet actually spoke the words in the Old Testament see Mark Likewise, we read in Acts 4: Who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?

And again, we read in Acts Similarly, we read in Isaiah Though God used human beings in the process of communicating His words, it is clear that the Holy Spirit was in charge of the process so that no human error or opinion entered into the picture.

Turning to Jeremiah 1: And the lord said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. Speaking of the Old Testament prophets in general, we read in Zechariah 7: Inspiration in the New Testament Jesus promised His followers that it would be the work of the Holy Spirit to provide an accurate recounting of the events of His life John And because of this, you and I can trust the Bible as the Word of God.Without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit there would be no need of inerrancy.

It’s Based on the Character of God

We trust in the inerrancy of the Bible because we are taught that scripture was given to the authors by the breath of God. God is infallible and therefore the inspiration of the Bible is inerrant. Inerrancy and inspiration of the Bible, it is the autographs that are inspired and inerrant by Matt SlickThe Christian Church as a whole claims that the Bible is inspired and inerrant.

This means that God is the one who moved through the writers to communicate to us the words which God wanted us to hear.

The authority of the Bible is a natural outgrowth of the Bible as inspired revelation from God. As Robert Lightner puts it, When the questions of revelation and inspiration with regard to the Bible have been answered, the issue of authority will have been settled.

While discussion on the inerrancy of Scripture is primarily a phenomenon of more recent years, a survey of church history suggests that the church has long held a high view of the inspiration of the Scriptures with belief in infallibility and inerrancy implicit in that view.

Inspiration and inerrancy of the bible

Inerrancy is a quality of the original text of the bible. Translations may err, but the original manuscripts penned by the prophets and apostles do not.

Inspiration and inerrancy of the bible

Coram Deo. Biblical inspiration is the doctrine in Christian theology that the authors and editors of the Bible were led or influenced by God with the result that their writings may be designated in some sense the word of God.

What is biblical inerrancy?