Nightly business report suzy gharib

Joseph basketball coach Phil Martelli's burdens have been lifted. For starters, Martelli's time is needed less by national media outlets, although Martelli doesn't appear to look at that as a burden.

Nightly business report suzy gharib

This year, only one winner is named in each category division. In many instance, judges chose to recognize one or two finalists. It also spun forward news, speculating that unions will put up big fight. By continuing to put pressure on the banking and financial industries, he is effecting change.

Work is lively and accessible. His in-depth reporting and personal connection to the tragedy brings a novel approach to the topic that hits at the heart for so many.

nightly business report suzy gharib

Peter Goodman, The Huffington Post, for business and global commentary. Substantial experience and depth of knowledge. Goodman offered a sense of knowing China firsthand and applying his experience in a way that was measured and thoughtful.

Bianca Bosker, The Huffington Post, for technology commentary.

December 31, 2004

Bosker brings authority to her work. She did some deep reporting and gave us a sense of the work having been done before, offering an opinion on a subject. Incredible detail and reporting. Authors explained the medical, historical and business angles behind the dangers of acetaminophen in a highly approachable way.

Graphics, interactive elements and videos added to the overall experience and depth. All-around solid series that shows the conflicts within an agency that is supposed to watch out for investors. Instead, it appears to watch out more for the industry it is intended to regulate.

POGO explained how the conflict of interest manifests itself in the oversight of the financial industry. Casts light on the shadowy world on installment lending, how some companies push unknown costs onto desperate borrowers, and how they navigate around state laws.

nightly business report suzy gharib

Terrific example of explanatory journalism in the digital age. In-depth look at how a country with a long, troubled history tries to transition into a nation that promises it citizens both greater political and economic freedom.

This year-long series was a real eye-opener and an example of digital storytelling at its finest. Innovative approach to storytelling that shows the great promise of digital journalism.

Thorough reporting, engaging writing, memorable examples of the impact on real people and pointed questioning of an industry that has largely escaped proper scrutiny.

Ambitious, melding multi-media and traditional story-telling. Sources add dimension and character. Shows the impact that decisions in Washington can have on everyday lives. · Don't laugh, but for some reason, Suzy Gharib of the Nightly Business Report peaks my interest (rates) Edit: My first 2nd pg ownage!!!

Can't own a page with an The very much talented and extremely proficient Susie Gharib is one of the remarkable names in the media world, she is a popular journalist, she bags her name due to her efficient and effective performance in her work, she is an award winning business news  · Susie Gharib, born in , is an award-winning business news journalist.

Currently, she is Senior Special Correspondent for Fortune magazine. [1] Gharib is also a contributor to Nightly Business Report produced by CNBC, a program that she co-anchored for 16 years until she left the show in December snippet of the full text of show: captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: unemployment hit a two-year high last month while the number of new jobs created hit its lowest level in four years.

that sparks new concerns about a recession in and sparks a selloff on wall street. >> yastine: president bush says despite the recent volatility, the financial markets are strong and  · Report: Rich-poor gap growing - Mackenzie Weinger - The SSA said 50 percent of workers made less than $26, last year — and most Americans have fewer job opportunities available to © Stanford University, Stanford, California, |

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