Pumping fire truck essay

I drive past a low, green-glass building on Sheppard Avenue and my teenaged son swivels in his seat to stare out the car window. How is that possible? But in the early days, from nursery school to mid-elementary, Thomas had speech therapy in that building.

Pumping fire truck essay

With the Columbine tragedy, Pumping fire truck essay one knew until the next day that 12 students, a teacher and the two killers were dead and that 20 more students were seriously injured, some paralyzed. It was riveting drama for daytime television.

Breathless high school students in fear of their lives. Mad assassins inside a school. Nearly 2, high school hostages. A situation out of control. Without any planning, Denver television stations jumped into emergency mode to take on the awesome responsibility of keeping viewers informed on a story that quickly gripped Denver and the nation.

The story would last for at least 10 days. But the first day was unquestionably the most intense. Covering Columbine for television would test every resource each station had. But no resource would be tested more than the ability to make snap decisions about what to air that first day under enormous pressure.

How should television journalists, outfitted with highly sophisticated equipment, cover one of the worst school shootings in history while the country is watching live? How should reporters handle interviewing rattled, sometimes hysterical teenage students? How should broadcasters handle cell phone calls from terrified students inside the school?

How can they control what shaken students say on live television? What should be shown live? And what should not, under any circumstances, be shown?


The most important thing was being in the control room deciding what shots to put on the air because the carnage was fairly massive.

The room is full. Her executive producer fills her in. Looks like a slow news day. For no particular reason, Dennis looks around the room, and unwittingly gives her staff a heads up: Then the phones begin ringing.

People are asking questions. What does the station know? After a few more calls, it quickly becomes apparent to Dennis that this is real, frightening news. KUSA breaks into the "Leeza" show at Adrenaline pumping, assignment editors begin ordering crews to the school, local hospitals, nearby neighborhoods.

Reporters grab notebooks and maps; photographers reach for their gear; they all run for their cars. Telephones ring non-stop in every newsroom. Can you tell us anything? Anxious parents of Columbine kids are calling, desperate for information. Students trapped inside the school call all three stations.

Is it only two males? Are there others with weapons inside the sprawling school? It will be hours before any one knows what has actually occurred.

Around noon, with little information to offer viewers, KUSA decides to put Jonathan Ladd on the air live via telephone. Kaplar invokes the normal procedure with kids.

How old are you? What have you seen? Would you be willing to tell us live on TV? Ladd agrees, and is switched over to co-anchors Kyle Dyer and Gary Shapiro.

Basic pump operation..what is your routine?

He tells KUSA anchors he heard an explosion. KUSA puts another quickly screened student on the air live via telephone.TYPES OF RELAY PUMPING OPERATIONS (EO ) A.

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Pumping fire truck essay

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