Software to help with writing

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Software to help with writing

Develop Strong Thinking Skills With Kidspiration, students use graphic organizers to express thoughts and explore ideas and relationships. They create graphic organizers including webs, concept maps and Venn diagrams to clarify thoughts, organize information, apply new knowledge and build critical thinking skills.

Students can also import symbols from other sources. Symbol Search helps students search and find just the right symbols to express their thoughts and ideas. Symbol Maker sparks creativity and anchors meaning. Students use familiar paint tools to create and personalize their own symbols to use in their graphic organizers.

A favorite for students and teachers alike, SuperGrouper containers are used to synthesize and analyze ideas. Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills With Kidspiration, students create, organize and explain ideas and information visually.

They develop stories and descriptions using engaging visual tools and explore new ideas with thought webs and maps. Using Kidspiration, students combine pictures, text and audio to develop comprehension, organize ideas and create stories. In Picture View, students develop thought webs and other graphic organizers.

In Writing View, they expand their ideas into written expression. As they visualize, plan and organize, students build essential skills and confidence in reading and writing.

Visual continuity between Picture View and Writing View links images with written expression. When students Software to help with writing from Picture View to Writing View, they see symbols from their graphic organizers, reinforcing the connection between words and their meaning.

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Kidspiration pairs symbols and words to build and strengthen literacy. Older students use symbols to explain more complex ideas, show relationships and demonstrate understanding.

Software to help with writing

Kidspiration Word Guide supports vocabulary and reading comprehension with easy access to nearly 13, words. Each entry includes definitions, recorded speech for pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms, parts of speech and sample sentences.

Word Guide pairs 1, words with images to enhance word recognition and comprehension.

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Audio support includes longer recording time to encourage students to express and document their ideas. Teachers enjoy greater flexibility when recording instructions and comments.

With the Listen tool, students can hear any text read aloud, strengthening word recognition and comprehension. Build Conceptual Understanding in Math Kidspiration extends the proven principles of visual learning to mathematics with visual math tools.

With Kidspiration Color Tiles, students learn to solve area and perimeter problems and model number patterns and the four basic operations.

Color tiles are squares with no quantity limit, so students work with numbers large and small and visually grasp math concepts. Tiles are easy to drag and drop and can "snap" together automatically as students manipulate them to build models and patterns.

They produce patterns and tessellations, explore similarity and congruence, experiment with symmetry and represent fractions. Pattern blocks are moveable, stackable geometric shapes with side lengths and angles that snap together automatically.

With Kidspiration Pattern Blocks, students build a foundation for spatial reasoning as they focus on concepts rather than the details of re-sizing or alignment. With the Rotate tool, students experiment with rotating shapes and explore how different shapes stack and fit together.

Software to help with writing

Using a line displays and reinforces the concept of symmetry. With Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks, they count, compare, group, partition and create equivalent representations of whole numbers and decimals. Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks also introduce students to procedures for operations on multi-digit numbers.

Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks are units of ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. Students "make and break" blocks to compose and decompose multi-digit numbers. The Place Value Mat provides a visual structure for students to compare, order and generate equivalent representations of numbers.

This visual framework helps students understand procedures such as carrying and borrowing. They find common denominators, translate between improper fractions and mixed numbers, and model basic operations with fractions. Tiles can snap together automatically to help students compare fraction values, build wholes and see the concept of equivalent fractions.

Fraction labels turn on and off to meet activity requirements. Students compare, order, simplify and find equivalent fractions.

They use Kidspiration Fraction Boxes to model basic operations with like and unlike denominators.Write better with Draft.

Easy version control and collaboration to improve your writing. May 15,  · Software. For discussion of writing resources, tools, and software. Resource threads should be based off an actually writing resource entry. The Best Book Writing Software. Writing a book isn’t just about putting down words on a page.

You need to be able to organise and structure your book. You need to be able to look at research (ideally offline!), and your.

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When you get further into the process, you’ll realise that your word processor just isn’t made for the job. WhiteSmoke software products for writing and language. WhiteSmoke is a grammar checker, spell checker, style checker and more - in a single package.

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